One Example of the MorningStar Difference

Senior Living Glendale AZ

One thing that sets MorningStar apart from other senior living communities is that our entire team works together to build a true community and our signature wellness program, WellStar, exemplifies that philosophy.  Each day, our Wellness and Life Enrichment team offers purposeful activities that are aimed to elevate the mood of our residents, reduce pain and to help them rely less on medications.

All of our MorningStar communities, including MorningStar at Arrowhead, provide our residents with our WellStar programs.  Offering an array of creative and enriching ways to stay active and productive, our programs integrate different modalities and senses for both the body and the mind.  WellStar has five wellness components – physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, and food philosophy.

Our daily assortment of physical wellness activities are designed to meet a range of capabilities as well as a variety of interests.  We also recognize meeting the spiritual needs of our seniors is vital to their well-being, and as such, our chapel is open to all faiths.  MorningStar also offers non-denominational services on a regular basis along with bible study, hymn singing and group prayer.

In terms of intellectual wellness, we understand that it is important for seniors to continue to stimulate their brains, and we offer a daily dose of brain calisthenics designed to introduce new ideas and practice cognitive skills.  Furthermore, we do not neglect the importance of social wellness.  Almost everything we do at MorningStar at Arrowhead enriches our community and advances our goal of building a family for life.  Socializing comes in the form of organized events and activities or just informal gatherings discussing the day’s topics.

We also do not forget the philosophy that healthy, nutritious food is the centerpiece of wellness and it becomes even more critical as we age.  Our daily meals include the addition of foods that new research finds has tremendous healing power such as: berries, chocolate high in cocoa mass, Omega 3 fats, turmeric, and dark leafy greens.  Visit our website or give us a call to learn more.

MorningStar at Arrowhead represents the best in senior living with a unique mission statement “to honor, to value, to invest.”  We have built our foundation on honoring God, valuing our seniors and hiring staff with a felt calling to serve to create a true home for residents amid a beautiful, serene setting. To experience firsthand the finest senior living in the Phoenix area, contact us to schedule a tour.


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